Boelter 5420

Capacity: 39
Data Projection: Yes
Classroom Computer: Yes
Video Playback: DVD & VHS
Sound System: Voice & Media
Recording: None
WiFi: Yes

Please click here for the seating layout of this room.


  • To view a tutorial, you will need Adobe Flash Player. For a free download, click here.
  • The Video Playback tutorial demonstrates how to play either a DVD or a VHS cassette using the room's dual video player.
  • The Laptop tutorial shows how to connect your laptop to the room's media cabinet.
  • The Classroom Computer tutorial demonstrates how to use the room's built-in computer.

Data Projection

  • A Proxima C460 Projector is installed in the ceiling. When activated, it can project either video or data.
  • A Classroom Computer is installed within the media cabinet.
  • A VGA cable is available on the media cabinet for laptop connection.

Video Playback

  • A DVD & VHS combo deck is located in the media cabinet at the front of the room.
  • An auxiliary video input (RCA) is available for additional video devices.

Internet Access

  • The room is designed for WiFi availability for all students and faculty.
  • Two Ethernet jacks are available on the wall.  There is also an additional Ethernet jack available on the Media Cabinet.
  • The Classroom Computer has its own connection and is already configured to the Classroom Network.
  • For instructions on connecting to the Internet, visit the Classroom Network section.

Sound System

  • This room is equipped with a voice amplification system. Wireless lavalier microphones are available for check out, either on a daily or quarterly basis.
  • There is one microphone input (XLR) available at the media cabinet.
  • The Classroom Computer and video players are already connected to the system for sound support.
  • An audio cable is installed with the VGA cable for laptop support.
  • Inputs are present at the media cabinet to plug in additional media devices (cassette players, video cameras, etc.).

Optical Equipment

  • A transparency projector has been permanently assigned to this room.