Kinsey 1240B

Kinsey Pavilion 1240B
Capacity: 117
Data Projection: Yes
Classroom Computer: Yes
Video Playback: Blu-ray, DVD & VHS
Sound System: Voice & Media
Podcasting: Audio Only
WiFi: Yes


Data Projection

  • Three Panasonic PT-DZ6700 projectors are installed at the back of the room. The system can be used for center projection only, side projection only (left and right images), or all three can be used.
  • The left and right projections always display the same image.
  • Sound support is only capable through the center projector.
  • A VGA Cable is available on the media cabinet for laptop connection.
  • Laptops that have only DVI output will need their own adapter to connect to the VGA cable.
  • A Classroom Computer is installed within the media cabinet.

Video Playback

  • A Blu-ray, DVD, and VHS video player is located in the media cabinet at the front of the room.
  • A HDMI input is available for additional video devices.

Document Camera

  • A document camera is installed at the media cabinet.
  • The unit can function as both an overhead camera and a transparency projector.

Internet Access

  • The room is designed for WiFi availability for all students and faculty.
  • Three Ethernet jacks are available on the wall.  There is also an additional Ethernet jack available on the Media Cabinet.
  • The Classroom Computer has its own connection and is already configured to the Classroom Network.
  • For instructions on connecting to the Internet, visit the Classroom Network section.

Sound System

  • Wireless lavalier microphones are available for check out, either on a daily or quarterly basis.
  • There is only one microphone input (XLR) at the media cabinet.
  • An audio cable is installed with the VGA cable for laptop support.
  • The Classroom Computer and video players are already connected to the system for sound support.


  • This classroom is equipped for audio podcasting. For more information, please visit the BruinCast website.

Slide Projection

  • No slide projectors are permanently installed in this room. A quarterly installation can be arranged by contacting Audio Visual Services

Optical Equipment

  • A transparency projector has been permanently assigned to this room.