What is the CCLE?

The CCLE (Common Collaboration and Learning Environment) is a campus-wide IT effort to converge upon a single platform for UCLA's web-based collaboration and learning needs. After a detailed assessment of functional and technical requirements, UCLA decided to base the CCLE upon the open source CMS Moodle. This initiative continues to grow and solicit new divisions and schools to join its efforts and its governance structure (see below).

CCLE is based on a hybrid server model and currently consists of two systems: one hosted by OID (https://ccle.ucla.edu), and one hosted by Social Sciences Computing (SSC) (https://moodle2.sscnet.ucla.edu)

How do I participate?

At this time, opting in to the CCLE is done at the division or school level. This means that if your school or division currently uses a CMS (e.g., Blackboard) you should continue to use this system until your division or school decides to migrate. If you are responsible for your unit's current CMS and wish to discuss migrating to the CCLE Shared System or to your own instance of Moodle, please contact the CCLE Coordinator Nick Thompson.

If your school or division does not currently provide instructors with a CMS, you may still be able to begin using the CCLE Shared System for course sites or research collaboration sites. Simply contact CCLE and state what course or project you need a site for, who you currently receive IT support from, and we can begin investigating your options.

Learn more about the CCLE initiative and which units are participating here.