Transferring approved mini-grant funds

  • Funds are transferred from OID to the requesting department using the FAU provided by the department.
  • Departmental financial staff supply OID with the appropriate account and cost centers to use. Please refer to internal departmental records for the account number used for mini-grants.
  • Mini-grant funds are approved for use only by a specific instructor for a particular course or project, and may not be redirected. Any other use of the funds, or additional sums needed above the approved amount, must be requested in writing to OID.

Fund numbers and invoices

  • OID uses only 19904 fund numbers. No 19900 money is used for mini-grants.
  • OID does not issue checks to guest speakers or to vendors; the home department is responsible for paying invoices with transferred funds.
  • For more information on visa restrictions for distinguished guest speaker honoraria, contact UCLA's Payroll office at 310-267-5774.
  • Each departments' financial staff is responsible for reconciling all expenses for various mini-grants received during the fiscal year.

If there is a balance of funds:

  • Positive balances in mini-grant fund accounts are automatically returned to OID at the end of each fiscal year by General Accounting.
  • Departments must request in writing to OID that funds be carried forward at fiscal closing. Also, an OID carry forward form must be completed by the departments' financial staff. These forms are mailed out to the department by OID in late May or early June and must be returned by the date specified in the OID cover letter. Carry forward funds are returned to the department in August, after they have been received in OID accounts at the opening of the fiscal year.
  • Liens or encumbrances may be carried on the department's mini-grant account. UCLA General Accounting will return the funds to cover the liens or encumbrances at the opening of the next fiscal year upon completion of the carry forward form as noted above.
  • Negative balances are not transferred back to OID at the end of the fiscal year. They must be covered by the department.